Benefits Of Insect-Based Pet Food For Your Cat

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Key points

  • Cats naturally consume bugs as part of their diet, so eating insects is not new to them.
  • Cat food made from insects is the best option for vegan and environmentally conscious cat owners.
  • Cats can thrive on well-formulated insect-based diets that contain a lot of protein and other nutrients.

Even though insect-based pet food has been on the market for a few years now, many pet owners still haven’t tried it. Some people worry that their cat won’t like eating food made from insects, others find the idea of giving insects to their pet a bit strange, while a third group has concerns about the nutritional value and quality of insect-based diets for pets. At the same time, thousands of pet owners have already tried and loved Petcan’s nutritious and eco-friendly kibble. In this article, we will talk about all the benefits of insect-based pet food and put your concerns to rest.

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Benefits of feeding your cat an insect-based diet

Bugs a Part Of Your Cat’s Natural Diet

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Have you ever seen your furry friend catching and eating spiders in your house or grasshoppers outside? Probably yes, because that’s what cats naturally do. Some wild cats even survive by consuming insects as the main ingredient of their daily diet. So, you shouldn’t feel apprehensive about feeding your pet kibble made from bugs, especially since they are thoroughly processed. To your cat, insect pet food can be just as delicious as a meal made from meat.

Bugs are super nutritious

The black soldier fly larvae used for our cat food is a natural source of protein. It is rich in fatty acids, minerals, and other micronutrients essential for your cat’s well-being. This insect is also very easy for pets to digest. Since this fly doesn’t tend to develop any health-related complications, there is no need to use antibiotics in the farming process. As a result, you can be confident that your pet is eating antibiotic-free food made from healthy bugs.

Insects are the most protein-rich and zero-waste alternative to meat

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Yes, our cats and kittens can fight climate change now too! Removing meat from their daily diet reduces the usage of many critical resources like water and land. For example, black soldier fly larvae farming requires 80% fewer land resources than cow farming. These insects can also help battle food waste, as they are often fed leftover fruit and vegetables.

Plus, leftovers from meat production significantly contribute to the global pollution of our planet by creating toxic greenhouse gases. In contrast, whole insects are used to make pet food, so there is no waste or leftovers.

No cheap fillers

Many people feed their cats typical grain-based cat food. This food is cheap and easy to purchase in your local supermarket, but it’s not so good for your cat. Products like grain, rice, and corn are high in carbohydrates. Since cats are obligate carnivores, increased consumption of cereals can cause them to suffer from high blood sugar, intense allergies, and even liver and kidney issues.

In contrast, our Petcan superfood is carefully formulated to be very nutritious and provide all the protein, vitamins, omega 6, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and other minerals your pet needs.

Innovative production techniques

When you open a package of our cat food, you won’t see any bugs at all, which can be good news for pet owners with insect phobia. Once we harvest our bugs, we thoroughly dry and blend the insects. Then, we shape them into our superfood, which looks just like ordinary cat feed.


Can cats eat insect-based food?

Yes, insect-based cat food is an excellent nutritious alternative to conventional kibble.

Do vets approve insect-based cat food?

Yes! The professional cat nutritionists and vets have carefully examined our pet food and approved it for use in felines.

Can I mix insect-based cat food with regular kibble?

Yes, you can mix insect-based cat food with conventional kibble or feed your cat a 100% insect-based diet.

Can cats live on insects?

Yes, if you feed your cat a complete insect-based dry or wet pet food manufactured by a reputable pet food company.