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Sustainable pet food


Are Dogs Carnivores, Herbivores, Or Omnivores?

Key points Over centuries of evolution, dogs have developed the ability to digest many food groups, including carbohydrates, which technically makes them omnivores; Canine anatomy suggests that these animals are carnivores; Dogs can thrive on well-formulated meat-free diets that contain all the necessary nutrients. Sustainable alternatives, such as insect-based pet food manufactured by Gopetcan, are well-suited for dogs.

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Can a Vegan Diet Provide a Dog With All Essential Amino Acids?

Key points Just as protein serves an important function in the human diet, it’s a vital component of dog food that supports your pet’s natural growth and repair processes. Amino acids are building blocks that mammals use to generate protein. While your dog can produce some amino acids independently, essential amino acids must come from dietary sources. It’s essential…

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Cold-Pressed Pet Food: Pros And Cons

Key points Cold-pressed dog food is made by applying pressure to meat and other ingredients at a low temperature. Because cold-pressed food is made without using high temperatures, the kibble retains significantly more nutrients than regular dog food. Insect-based dog food made using sustainable practices is an even better option for responsible dog owners.

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Insect-Based Pet Food Is Revolutionizing The Pet Food Industry

Key points Insect-based pet food is quickly replacing meat products as a sustainable and protein-rich alternative. Its production requires less energy, land, and water. In addition, insects are farmed and killed using humane methods, making this type of food more ethical than meat-based products. Insect-based pet food is an excellent choice for pet owners who care about the environment…

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How to figure out if my dog is allergic to meat?

Key points If your dog is experiencing itchiness, bloating, diarrhea, hyperactivity, weight loss, or gain, it could be allergic to meat. If your dog is diagnosed with meat allergies, consider choosing insect-based pet food as an alternative to animal protein. Gopetcan is one of the leading sustainable pet food manufacturers that produces insect-based food for pets.

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Discover why you shouldn’t be feeding raw meat to your dog

Key points Dogs are omnivores and do not require raw meat, unlike their wolf ancestors; Raw foods often cannot provide the animal with enough nutrients; A raw diet can expose your pet to bacteria and toxic chemicals found in uncooked products; There are a lot of sustainable alternatives, such as insect-based pet food manufactured by Gopetcan;

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Vegan And Vegetarian Diets For Pets Reviewed

Key points So far, there is no evidence that a vegan or vegetarian diet provides any health benefits for pets; Many commercial vegan and vegetarian pet foods are nutritionally inadequate; Insect-based pet food manufactured by Gopetcan is a sustainable, meat-free alternative to vegan, vegetarian, and meat-based pet food that’s both nutritious and safe for your pet.

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What is the best dog food for a sensitive stomach?

Key points If your dog often gets diarrhea, experiences vomiting or flatulence, it could be a sign that it has a sensitive stomach. The best way to help a dog with digestion issues is to figure out what food component is causing the problem and switch the pet to a more appropriate feed. Insect-based dog food is an excellent…

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