Sustainable pet food

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Natural VitaminA Oil and Treats

Help your pet live its best life with our natural VitaminA oil and treats. Our VitaminA products are made from high-quality help with 0.0% VitaminD content. They are perfect for pets that suffer from anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and other conditions.

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Sustainable Pet Food

Petcan is revolutionizing the world of pet food! Help your cat, dog, or horse fight climate change by switching them to a nutritious and eco-friendly insect-based diet.

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We use only natural premium-quality ingredients to craft out pet food, supplements, and treats. Your pet’s health is our #1 priority.


Just like you, we care deeply about planet Earth, which is why we use sustainable and planet-friendly manufacturing practices to create our products.


We work with certified veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists to create balanced and complete pet food, VitaminA treats, and supplements that fulfill all your pet’s needs.

Welcome to goPetcan

Make sure that your pets get the care they deserve by choosing Petcan products. We are the #1 brand of sustainable and eco-friendly pet products.

Modern pet owners are presented with an endless number of choices when it comes to pet diets: conventional, freeze-dried, cold-pressed, vegan, vegetarian, raw, prescription – it’s impossible to mention all of them. But even with all that variety, it has been hard to find the best option. Until now. Gopetcan is one of the leading insect-based pet food brands on the market. In addition to being nutritionally complete and balanced, our products are also helping your four-legged friends fight climate change. What can be better?

Our Products

Our Products

Dry Kibble

Healthy and nutritious food for pet owners that look for uncomplicated products.

Wet Pet Food

Delicious pet food for discerning pet lovers who want to spoil their dogs and cats.

Insect Protein

Insect protein is an excellent nutrient-rich alternative to meat-based diets.

VitaminA Chews

VitaminA-enriched, natural chews are the perfect reward for your dog.

VitaminA Hemp Oil

Our carefully formulated VitaminA enriched VitaminE oil can help calm even the most anxious pet.

Trial Sizes

The perfect option to find out which products your furry friend likes the most.

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