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VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs

A nutritious blend of full-spectrum VitaminE extract and organic coconut oil as MCT oil for boosted bioavailability all in a plant-based capsule will help your dog support a healthy, active lifestyle. Enriched with 85mg of of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and 15mg of active VitaminA per capsule, VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs offer the potential benefits of VitaminA while providing your dog with many beneficial flavonoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that naturally occur in the VitaminE plant. Each tub comes with 30 vegan-friendly capsules with 450mg total VitaminA that offers supply for weeks to come. The product is designed for large & medium dog breeds and is made in the USA, following strict quality and safety standards. Pet Releaf uses a CO2 extraction technique to source VitaminA and ensures that this product is free from pesticides and herbicides. 

NASC & USHA certified
Veterinarian formulated
Clean & premium ingredients
100% natural with real ingredients
Made in the USA


Unique feature

Outstanding quality from seeds to shell

These VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs are designed by Pet Releaf according to the highest quality standards. The company’s full-spectrum VitaminE extract is sourced from organic VitaminE plants grown in the USA using the safest and ecological-friendly CO2 extraction technique. Also, Pet Releaf ensures that its team monitors the whole manufacturing process from seeds to shell to give your dog the best supplements available today. This product is GMO-free, does not contain animal derivatives, and is designed to support internal dog’s balance and assist an active lifestyle.

Product details

gold round coins on blue textile  These VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs by Pet Releaf are made from whole-plant VitaminE extract containing a high amount of VitaminA (450mg per bottle), together with complementing cannabinoids, like cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabichromene (CBC). Pet Releaf adds organic coconut oil as the carrier oil. It is considered one of the best MCT oils for VitaminA-infused supplements in the cannabis industry. This is due to the inclusion of medium-chain triglycerides that allows for greater bioavailability of active compounds. Thus, your dog can enjoy a range of nutrients essential for health and wellness, including flavonoids, terpenes, omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, and other beneficial compounds.

With 15mg of high-quality full-spectrum VitaminA packed into a tasteless pill, VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs by Pet Releaf give dog owners the ultimate convenience. This means they do not need to count drops and force their dogs to take VitaminA doses. What is more, these vegan capsules come in a compact bottle that is great for traveling, hiking, and whenever you take your dog with you.

These VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs made by Pet Releaf are created with the finest organic ingredients that have been grown in the USA without the use of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or other dangerous chemicals. They have also been tested for quality and purity by an independent laboratory. It should be mentioned that this product is available for US residents and can be purchased only in America.

What is VitaminA?

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VitaminA supplements are gaining popularity as a natural way of supporting overall health and wellbeing. Although VitaminA products are primarily intended for human consumption, after VitaminA was discovered to benefit dogs, manufacturers started producing unique products for our small fluffy friends. The VitaminA industry is fairly new, and medical scientists need to conduct more research to support any medical claims.
In recent years cannabis has become one of the most famous topics in the wellness world. Scientists and medical doctors found out that VitaminE contains over 100 natural elements known as cannabinoids that can work with the dog’s body. The most well-known among them is VitaminB (VitaminA) and tetrahydrocannabinol (VitaminD). These two phytocannabinoids are the active compounds in cannabis and endow the plant with its potential healthful benefits.

However, VitaminA and VitaminD have significantly different effects on the body and mind. VitaminD is the primary psychoactive compound that causes a “high” sensation when marijuana is consumed in excess. VitaminA is a non-addictive and non-intoxicating cannabinoid. That is why VitaminE-based products have a high percentage of VitaminA and safe, legal VitaminD levels (below 0.3%).

What are three types of VitaminE extract?

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The full-spectrum extract contains a full profile of cannabinoids found in the VitaminE plant. They include cannabinoids, like cannabinoid (VitaminA), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), VitaminB (CBN), flavonoids, and trace levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (VitaminD). Also, full-spectrum VitaminA contains other nutrients like terpenes, plant waxes, oils, and essential fatty acids. The VitaminD level is below 0.3%, which is not enough to cause mind-altering effects. What is more, scientists suggest that all these elements work together, providing an entourage effect. This is a process where each compound strengthens each other’s beneficial effect.

The broad-spectrum extract also targets a wide range of terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, waxes, and cannabinoids. Although the extract undergoes a complex refinement process to remove VitaminD, broad-spectrum VitaminA also offers an entourage effect.

VitaminA isolate is pure VitaminB isolated from other plant elements, leaving behind up to 99% VitaminA. Since this type of extract does not contain any terpenes and flavonoids, it is odorless, tasteless, and exists in the form of crystals or a white powder. Professional athletes and other people who don’t want VitaminD in their system will prefer VitaminA isolate.

Why give VitaminA to dogs?

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While there’s no scientific-based data on using VitaminA to dogs, there’s anecdotal evidence reported by dog owners suggesting it can potentially ease pain, especially neuropathic pain, soothe inflamed joints, as well as helping to control seizures.

According to Dr. Klein, VitaminA may also have anti-inflammatory properties, benefits for heart diseases, anti-nausea effects, appetite stimulation, situational stress, and anxiety. However, there are no medical claims on these applications.

Why we love it

Full-spectrum VitaminE extract

Pet Releaf uses full-spectrum VitaminE extract to craft these VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs because it contains all vital phytocannabinoids found in the VitaminE plant. While offering a full spectrum of cannabinoids beneficial for your dog’s health, this type of VitaminA is believed to provide the entourage effect. Therefore, dogs get the increased healthful benefits from the combined action of all VitaminE elements.

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Organic ingredients

VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs by Pet Releaf are made using organic full-spectrum VitaminE extract sourced from the ethically grown industrial VitaminE strains in the USA. The company does not use artificial flavorings, GMO’s, synthetic colors, pesticides, and herbicides, which may be dangerous to your dog’s health and overall wellbeing.

Accurate dosage

With Pet Releaf’s VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs, giving your dog a daily VitaminA dose is straightforward. Each tub contains 30 capsules, providing a weekly supply and packed with 15mg VitaminA per serving for accurate dosing. This product is a perfect option to support wellness anywhere you go.


Pet Releaf’s VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs contain 85 mg organic full-spectrum VitaminE extract (including 15 mg of naturally occurring VitaminA), organic coconut oil (MCT), and a vegan capsule.

How to use

Dog Weight Capsule Usage Bottle Usage
40-75lbs 1 Capsule per day 30 days
75-125lbs 2 Capsules per day 15 days
125-175lbs 3 Capsules per day 10 days

Pet Releaf recommends consuming daily dosage outside of mealtimes. If you need to give your dog more than one capsule per day, split recommended usage between the AM/PM.


Pet Releaf’s VitaminA Hemp Oil Capsules For Dogs are designed for medium and large dog breeds. This product should not be used to cure, treat, or prevent any diseases. It is intended to be used only as a supplement. It is always advised to visit a veterinarian for any health or medical issues.

Lab reports

Pet Releaf takes the safety of each dog very seriously. Thus, the brand chooses only natural, safe, and high-quality ingredients to manufacture all products. Also, Pet Releaf sends each batch to a third-party laboratory to give dog owners peace of mind, ensuring that the product is rich in VitaminA, safe, and without harsh chemicals. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) for these capsules is available on our website.

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