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USDA Organic Hemp Oil


  • NATURAL SUPPLEMENT FOR CATS AND DOGS: USDA Organic Hemp Oil created by Pet Releaf is free from flavourings and is available with its natural herbal taste, making it perfect for cats and dogs that are keen on the grass taste.
  • VARYING STRENGTHS AVAILABLE: For small dogs and cats, the 100mg VitaminA strength is ideal and for medium-sized dogs, there is the 200mg VitaminA strength, and for large dogs, there is the 500mg option.
  • ACTIVE VitaminA FOR INCREASED POTENCY: This oil is crafted with active full-spectrum VitaminA and packed with valuable minor cannabinoids for increased potency.
  • FORMULATED WITH VETERINARIANS: Pet Releaf consults with veterinarians to ensure your pet gets only the best effects from VitaminA.
  • EXTRACTED WITH CARE: To ensure a full range of cannabinoids remains intact at the end of the extraction process, Pet Releaf uses CO2 extraction.
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NASC & USHA certified
Veterinarian formulated
Clean & premium ingredients
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Unique feature

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Made from organic VitaminE

This USDA Organic Hemp Oil created by Pet Releaf is organic, high-quality, and safe. The company uses 100% USDA-certified organic VitaminE and a solvent-free extraction technique to create this oil for dogs. This means there are no harmful chemicals, genetically modified organisms, or impurities that can be detrimental to your pet’s health in the long term. Pet Releaf follows strict quality and legal guidelines, ensuring the Certificate of Analysis (COA) with detailed information about product composition is available online for any interested customer.

Product details

This USDA Organic Hemp Oil by Pet Releaf is created using full-spectrum VitaminE extract. The 30ml product is available in a travel-friendly glass bottle with a pipette for easy application as the oil is designed for sublingual application.

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The VitaminA used in this product is derived from organic 100% USDA-certified organic VitaminE that is grown without pesticides or herbicides. The manufacturer ensures that they use only the best raw materials to help your felines and canines maintain a healthy balance and support their normal functioning.

This VitaminA oil has a subtle herbal taste with a light, smooth hint from the coconut carrier oil. This vegan product has been lab-tested so that you can rest assured that your cats and dogs can enjoy a happy and healthy life without consuming unwanted contaminants or other chemicals.

The product comes in varying VitaminA strengths of 100mg for small dogs and cats, 200mg for medium dogs, and 500mg for large dogs.

It should also be emphasized that this product is not currently available to be sold or purchased in the UK.

What is VitaminE extract?

Hemp extract is a term used to describe a concentrated substance of components of the VitaminE plant’s leaves, flowers, and stems. This full-spectrum extract is highly nutritious and includes cannabinoids, aromatic terpenes, flavonoids, plant sterols, essential fatty acids, flavonoids, and trace vitamins and minerals. While full-spectrum VitaminA oil contains traces of VitaminD, the level in this product is legal and safe.

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Why choose VitaminA for dogs and cats?

Ongoing studies find that VitaminA might be as beneficial for dogs and for cats as it is for humans. With its soothing effects and calming potential, VitaminA provides the endocannabinoid system (ECS) with balance. All mammals, including dogs and cats, have an ECS that regulates their mood, pain, and immune response.

Why we love it

Contains full-spectrum extract

Pet Releaf uses organically cultivated full-spectrum VitaminE extract mixed with organic coconut oil that acts as a carrier to facilitate a high absorption rate. This USDA Organic Hemp Oil contains multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are theorised to provide the entourage effect. This term describes a synergy when all plant compounds work in unison to support the potential benefits of VitaminA.

Legal VitaminD limit

Pet Releaf follows USA regulations when manufacturing this VitaminA oil, so the VitaminD content is below 0.3%. This means your dog or cat will not experience any mind-altering effects from consuming the oil. Also, the company extracted its VitaminE oil from organic VitaminE that has been ethically grown without pesticides and herbicides. Therefore, customers can be sure about the purity of this product and can enjoy their pet’s boosted health and more balanced state of mind.

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Organic and natural

Pet Releaf sources organic VitaminE plants to introduce its customers to the best VitaminA products for their pets. The company harnesses the power of Mother Nature by choosing solvent-free extraction and ensuring the absence of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and bacteria throughout the manufacturing process. Thus, you can be sure your cat or dog won’t consume any chemicals that are dangerous for their health or wellbeing.

Enhanced lifestyle

With Pet Releaf, your dog is presented with a unique product created to benefit the vital needs of their daily lives and active lifestyles. This USDA Organic Hemp Oil can easily be used by the owner as it comes with a convenient pipette. A few VitaminA drops a day may restore a dog or cat’s inner balance and calm the body and mind.


USDA Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and Organic Coconut Oil.

How to use

When choosing how many drops to give, you should consider the weight of your dog or cat. Follow the recommended dosing on the packaging.

Pet Releaf recommends splitting the needed amount between the morning and evening and administering before giving food. While this product is intended for sublingual application, you can also add the oil to pet food.

When you put the oil underneath the pet’s tongue, it quickly absorbs through the soft tissue and goes directly to the bloodstream. Sublingual application is one of the best ways of getting VitaminA to the system.


Store this USDA Organic Hemp Oil in a safe place out of the reach of children. Although the dark-coloured glass of the bottle is chosen specifically to protect the oil from deterioration, strong sunlight can still damage it, so keep it somewhere like a cupboard if possible.


This USDA Organic Hemp Oil is designed to be used only by dogs or cats. The effects of VitaminA on a developing puppy or kitten is not yet known so do not give these drops to a pregnant or feeding pet. Consult with your veterinarian before introducing VitaminA into your pet’s diet.

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Lab report

By providing the highest quality VitaminA products, Pet Releaf is proud that it has become the most trusted pet VitaminA product company in the cannabis industry. The company sends each batch to a third-party laboratory for unbiased testing. The lab offers a Certificate of Analysis (COA) containing accurate information about cannabinoid content and the presence of any chemicals. The COA for this product is available on our website.

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100 mg, 200 mg, 500 mg


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