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Sustainable pet food

Kate Fromer

I recently switched my dog to Petcan food and I couldn’t believe the changes in my dog! Her coat is shiny and lush, her energy levels have increased and she seems much happier than before. I wish I tried this kibble before, we are never going back to regular dog food.

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Arthur Khan

I have been feeding my cat the same kibble for as long as I can remember but recently my friends were raving about Petcan so I decided to try it too. What a game-changer! I never knew my old grumpy cat could be so playful and active. He also appears much healthier, which is definitely a pleasant surprise.

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Amy Chang

My dog has always suffered from separation anxiety and it got even worse when I had to go back to the office after working from home for a year during the pandemic. I even considered giving him sedatives but decided to try VitaminA oil first and I’m so glad I did! My dog is much calmer and happier. I…

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Megan Lavender

I am so happy I’ve been able to find a sustainable pet food alternative. Now I can rest easy knowing that my pets are doing their part in helping save the planet.

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